Sunday, August 14, 2016

How was my 4th Engineer experience?

So today I want to let you know about my experiences as a 4th Engineer aboard Ship.
Starting from the basic thing that is SAFETY. Which is the first thing everybody will teach you from the first day of your life in Shipping sector? As this is essential while you are traveling around the ocean of this world. Maybe you are very far from the coast. Injury at sea is obviously so much dangerous for yourself.

When I get the call from my company PNSC (Pakistan National Shipping Corporation) I make my bag packing ready for departure from Lahore and get a ticket reservation from Akbar Chowk. Rethinking the most valuable item which will be required by me during my six months stay on board ship. Most important are documents which include your travel, academic and professional document. Academic documents eg. BSc. Maritime Studies, FSc and matric may not require by your company but it is fruitful to keep them with you. At least your recent pre-sea qualification ie Bachelor in Science (BSc.) Certificate. I also made a list of few items already which I wrote during my stay on the previous ship. So it is good to tale with that list.

After checking the number of items in the bag, I closed it and lock so that It will be secure during my whole journey Lahore (LHE) to Karachi (KHI) as I have to travel by train (Karachi Express 16 Down). I checked the weight of the bag which have to rolled with me. I also note down it on smartphone device to future reference. Also to check while I am signing off that how much surplus weight I have gained from my ship.

Especially recheck your traveling plus professional documents. Keep your bag ready at least one day before your departure either from train or airline because on the traveling day something you do not remember to put in your bag. You can put it in your luggage. 

So now it time to depart from home. My mother always used to make a dinner for me most of the time it is rice with chicken. But some chicken with chapatti. It always taste good to have home food instead of eating low standard food from station stall (food courts). I also purchased a bread, small pack of jam for breakfast, couple of small milk packets and some cookies (which I like very much ). In my children hood, teenage I like the chocolate very much but now due to the severe impact of these on my teeth. Suffered from teeth pain and overhauling of teeth I have decided to cut down the chocolates to save my teeth for my further life. Some candy and packet of the bubble I also bought. It put extra weight on your luggage but as there is no limitation for bag weight in carrying train so no worries. Also for 17 hours journey, you must at least purchase some handy things. Charged your mobile so that whole journey can use with the smartphone but as your know smartphone are dumb in the battery. But in the old days Nokia 3310 and similar like phone work on for about 3-4 days normal battery timing. They drain it very fast but train coach has 120VAC socket in it for charging. You can keep battery bank (2000AH) will be sufficed for this purpose if you are so much conscious about it.

 I reached the railway station through my car. My brother drops me at the railway station and say good wishes for my journey which will continue including this 2 days plus six months.

Continued Wait for next episode. Thanks.