Marine Books

List of Books 

  1. notes on meterology the kemp and young series by Richard b.kemp young
  2. ship stability notes and examples the kemp and young series by bryan barras
  3. marine electronics navigation by appleyard
  4. flip cards rule of road
  5. flip cards sound and light signals
  6. practical navigation for oows by frost
  7. fire aboard by rushbrook
  8. basic seamanship by clissold
  9. the boatswains manual by miller
  10. reed seires all.
  11. cargo works for maritime operation by david
  12. ship construction sketches and notes the kemp and young series
  13. practical navigation by Subramanian
  14. guide to the collision avoidance rules by cockroft
  15. response to marine oil spills by cormack
  16. john lambs question and ansers on the marine diesel engine
  17. marine auxiliary machiner by hd mc george
  18. internal combustion engine by v ganesan
  19. principal and practice of marine diesel engine by dk sanyal
  20. the running and maintenance of the marine diesel engine by john lamb
  21. mairne diesel engine by cc pounder