Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dry Dock Routine 1/2

Start with name of Allah who is the most beneficent and merciful.

20 March 2016

1. Today we start up the boiler and gave COPT # 02 after getting FWE.

2. They require Fresh Air for IG blower both are running now. Uptake valve # 01 is not closing so we fired up the Aux. boiler # 02 for COPT and fresh air blanked are removed, valve opened.

3. They used the cleaning gangway to clear up the Slop (S). Slop (S) has so much sludge.

4. They are Hot water washing and also gas freeing the Cargo oil tanks. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and slops (wings)

5. As per Sir Rizwan 42N we will require 42 hrs. to reach Fujairah we will depart most probably on 22 March 2016 (morning) and less than 24 hrs. to reach Dubai.

21 March 2016

1. Gas freeing continued by using IG blower (both), Hydro blower, electric blowers

2. Sludge from Slop (S) is being cleaned

3. Sludge in other tanks also noted and picture taken

4. Uptake valve dismantle for freeing and gland packing

5. Economizer job continued with welding the exhaust passaged and cleaning it.

6. Aux Boiler water test carried out (1600-2000) watch

7. Aux boiler water sample taken out (0400-0800) watch

8. Purifier no.2 dismantle for cleaning and motor is attached after being received from workshop

9. Today we UMS the engine Raza is security engineer.

22 March 2016

1. Today I inspected the Compressor valves and also changed the set spring with its retainer new. Various reading recorded of Compressor Set spring and its retainer.

2. Opened up the Fridge condenser inlet cover, pipes are being fabricated

3. Today sir hanan told me that Slop (s) is for sludge and Slop (p) is clean SW. Then I remind myself the concept of segregated ballast and clean ballast tank.

4. Cop # 03 run up for educting 4 (p) and 5 (s).

5. I came to know that tomorrow morning 23 March 2016, we will travel to Karachi inner anchorage and then will depart after giving sludge for Fujairah (May be in Night)

6. Purifier no. 2 bowl and water assembly boxed up.

7. Sir Zohaib is Security engineer

8. Today we changed the boiler to 1. Because two no. boiler gave alarm of Ignition validity term over.

23 March 2016
1. We are now at inner anchorage