Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Safety Management and its Maritime Application

Safety is common term; applied in our daily life routine. This book is written by Professor Chengi Kuo on title “Safety Management and its Maritime Application”.  Professor has deep knowledge in maritime activities. He has done graduation from the University of Glasgow where he pioneered the application of computers to ship design and shipbuilding before gaining experience working in the USA on propeller excited vibration.

This book has 13 chapters. Examples from our daily life for example you are going to buy a flat for temporarily residency what are the point you will consider. What are your requirement 3 or 4 room with attached bath, TV launch, 01 store, large garage area and washing area. What is your budget? Is smoking allowed in the flat or not. Is smoke detector must be fitted on ceiling. Is there any need to re-paint the walls or it is not required at all.

You wanted to go uphill a mountain by a four wheel car drive. What are the risks that will involve? What paths you will choose? Is the road slippery or not? Is there any risk of snow falling at time you have to drive? What is the wind speed? What is temperature outside there? How is traffic at the road at which you have to travel? And many of the factors you have to consider? So on these points you will make your risk assessment when going for uphill mountain drive.

Similarly on aboard ship by gaining experience you make the risk assessment.

Read the book fully, you will definitely enjoy it.