Friday, July 8, 2016

STCW (Standard of training, Certification, and watch keeping), 2010 was amended in Manila, Philippines.

Some important points regarding this amendment
1. It was amended in 2010.

2. It took place at Manila, Philippines.

3. It will totally enforce until 1st January 2017.

4. It starts activated from 1st January 2012.

Many aspects are covered.

1. Rest Hours (Also discussed in MLC 2006 Maritime Labor Convention)

2. COC (Certificate of Competency) for Eletro-technical officer (ETO) or (Batti sahib in Urdu/Hindi)

3. High voltage course for ships which is operated above 1000 Voltage. (It is adopted because this voltage is lethal and requires extra parameter / precaution to cover).

4. New fresh courses (validity period is 5 years for most of the courses)

5. ISPS (International Ship Port Security) security training for all seafarer.

6. Alcohol limit in blood and breath.

7. COC for able seaman (deck & engine both)

8. New and additional medical standard

9. ECDIS (electronic chart and display information system) course mandatory for deck officers

10. Update of competence requirement for personnel serving on gas tankers.

11. New training guidance for DP vessels (Dynamic Positioning)

12. Enhance training of maritime personnel by using latest technique i.e. via distance and web-based learning

STCW Convention chapters

Chapter I: General provisions
Chapter II: Master and deck department
Chapter III: Engine department
Chapter IV: Radio communication and radio personnel
Chapter V: Special training requirements for personnel on certain types of ships
Chapter VI: Emergency, occupational safety, medical care and survival functions
Chapter VII: Alternative certification
Chapter VIII: Watchkeeping

If I missed any point in above article. Feel free to comment. Thankyou