Monday, April 26, 2010

Maintenance of diesel engines

In the name of Allah who is the most merciful the beneficient

The reliability and safe working of the marine diesel engine depends upon the technical staff
and in particular upon sea going engineers.

Planned maintenance of marine machinery can prolong its life. Engine builders, pumps makers, in
shorts, all the makers of equipment in ship provide instructions about the regular care and
maintenance to be given to their equipment, with this information and knowing the continuous
survey requirements, the chief engineer plans the voyages maintenance work.

On board ship every engineer is delegated with the responsibilty for the efficient running and
maintenance of various items of machinery. Duties and responsilibilty are clearly defined and are
not to be left in any uncertainity.

General maintenance instruction

1. Trained and qualified personnel must be operate diesel engine only. unauthorized people must not be
allowed to operate the engine.

2. A log book should be kept for each engine, in which all important data and work concerning
the engine for example number of runing hours each day actual fuel consumption, intervals b/w oil changes
pressure and temperature of engine and general performance remarks.

3. The safety regulation and instructions concerning safety measures to be observed during operation
maintenance and repair work.

4. All essential parts of engine should be overhauled and cleaned at regular interval as per maker's
maintenance schedule. In order to keep engine good condition and constant operational readiness.

5. A parts from other factors the frequently overhauled of various engine parts are determined by the grade of
fuel and lubricating oil used.

Written by: Zeeshan Ahmed