Monday, April 26, 2010

Duties of a Trainee Engineer

In the name of Allah who is the most beneficient, the most merciful

Upon assignment to a ship, the trainee engineer should report to the second engineer who will introduce him to the chief engineer and master.

He will take a thorough round of the engine room with duty engineer o f the day, noting with care the general layout of the machinery, workshop, stores, making sure that he is familiar with bilge, sanitary, domestic fresh water and oils pumping/transferring arrangements. He will acquaint himself with all the routine followed by the ship and will apply himself diligently to his duties, carrying out the orders of the senior engineers/officers as desired or instructed.

He will be given work at the discretion of the 2nd engineer/duty engineer. He will ensure that machinery is kept in clean and serviceable condition. He may also be appointed as assistant watch keeper at sea or in port in any watch on discretion of the chief engineer/second engineer.

He shall inform anything unusual in working of machinery while on watch at sea/port to second engineer. He shall write log book neatly and tidily when asked to do so.

Trainee engineers on being assigned to a ship will be given a period of time for shipboard familiarization as required by regulation 1/14 (1.4) o f the STCW convention during which they shall get an opportunity to become acquainted with ships equipment, safety, environmental and emergency procedures. They shall also thoroughly read and understand the SMS/SOLAS safety and training manuals provided on board the vessel.

The trainee engineer shall familiarize himself with the filing/recording and or communicating the checks lists, reports.

DATE: 11/AUGUST/2009
TIME: 1:49 PM