Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Work as Assistant/Trainee/Junior Engineer or Engine Cadet

Works as Assistant Engineer
MGPS SW strainer cleaned.
Pilot burner strainer cleaned
Blr strainer cleaned and No.1 is in used
ME JW Strainer Cleaned.
Condensate Control 2 Litre poured in Hotwell
31 and 01 2012
Scavenging Manifold cleaned, inspected
Piston Rings clearances* condition, Piston Top, Liner condition, Abrasive particles on floor, Stuffing box, Piston rod is least concerned.
ME Fuel pump drained, oil flow to all local/emergency maneuvering area, cleaned by all people
ME FO Circulating pump Discharge valve changed.
FWG Canning carried out, test with FW pipe in every tube.
Soot Blow of boiler #02 carried out.
FO drain tank transfer via fo transfer to fo settling tank
Air leakage rectified at D/G differential
Bilge pump By pass arrangement made.
Bilge and Sludge transfer to Waste oil settling tank via Sludge P/P
No. 3 COPT LO cooler canned out.
ECR A/C SW inlet line welded
No. 1 FO purifier dismantled and cleaning in progress.
Soot blow of boiler # 02 carried out.
Compressor routine, tightened the LP, HP & Compound valve. Cleaned the air suction filters.
Drain blank flange make and placed.
Boiler dosing carried out.
Boiler water tested, values recorded.
Now I am free due to watch in the morning. hhhhahh
Boiler Washing carried out my duty is to arrange asbestos packing, cleaning the water, remove the sludge, nearly supervise every thing.
Compressor routine carried out Suction and Discharge plate type valve + retainer cleaned with electroclean slow and then washed with water air out then wd 40 the air out.
Boiler side blow down valve open
MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
Alpha lubricator tank temperature down by boundary cooling

Various soundings, temperatures, pressure.
O/B valve with Fire and GS pump (Close open) marks correct.
Welding infront of Welder, he is satisfy with me. I think he is a master of high current fluid control I will learn from him inshaAllah. He give me two lesson today about my welding. One of good balance other is rod adjustment.
Soldering done of DVD player.
MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
Filling valve of hot well tightened
D/G LO Storage sounding valve front cover maked
MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
Deck Seal system
Alhamdulillah take the generator on the load one week ago.
Cleaning is carried out in the engine room + Engine Control Room + ECR Fridge
Scrubber Unit SW strainer cleaned
Normal routine with Sounding and list gauges of Engine Room
MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
Bilge pump suction strainer cleaned and gasket replaced
Bilge pump oil renewed with T-68 (Turbine Oil) 2.5 litre
FO Sludge tank oil transferred to Bilge and Sludge tank by Sludge Tank
Refrigeration Pump SW is on Fire and Bilge Ballast Pump
Refrigeration Pump SW Suction strainer cleaned
M/E LO Cooler SW strainer cleaned
A/E JW Cooler SW strainer cleaned
MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
A/E Centrifugal LO filter paper renewed
No.1,2,3 COPT LO Cooler Cleaned, Sacrificial Anode checked  and fitted back
Main Air Compressor JW Cooler plate cleaned, SW In strainer cleaned
S/T Sealpot overflow, Filled with M/E LO storage tank.

MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back and hammered to increase flow rate.
Soot Blow of Aux boiler no. 1 and no.2 done and understood.
M/E Following are the pumps changed over to 2 series
A/E Following P/Ps  Changed over to #2 series

MGPS strainer cleaned and fitted back
Welding and cutting observed. Some tips by shahid. In vertical welding, about breathing and balancing
FO Drain transferred to FO sett
Clean Drain Tk O/B
AP Tk emptied  by coupling with F and GS P/P
Bilge Pump suction strainer cleaned
 Bilge Tank O/B via OWS at 15 PPM
Bilge and Sludge Transferred to Slope Tank
Spool piece connected on Upper deck(Main Deck) Sludge pump to slope tank
FO and LO Sludge transferred to slope tank

MGPS strainer cleaned and one pair of nut and bolt replaced(Threads slip). Welding of seal ring extractor done. Tool used to extract three bearing then again crack.
Torch cleaned as per second engineer order with diesel oil then wash with soap.
Welding of shahid bhai observed and imitated.
Pipe flanges tightened in the bilges areas. Tomorrow I will understand the pipeline also mark on it. inshaAllah. Also have experience how to align the spoon gasket in the flanges.

Aux. BLR No.2 Fire Side Cleaned with help of water jet. Soot + Sludge removed from other side by me.
M/E LO Cooler SW Strainer
M/E Jacket Water Cooler SW Strainer
MGPS Strainer
COPT Circulating Pump (Suction Valve greased)
Changed the circle drill into square face by file

ME Jacket Water SW Strainer cleaned
FO BLR Burning P/P No.2 gland cooling oil filled by T-68 Turbine Oil
Bilge Pump suction strainer cleaned
Gasket Water joint
Bolt shortened by Hex saw
MGPS Strainer Cleaned
LO Cooler Cleaned
Marking of COP LO Cooler SW (Butterfly valve) mark changed

MGPS Strainer Cleaned
LO Cooler SW Strainer Cleaned
Gland of v/v no. 2 of OWS placed
MGPS strainer cleaned
P and S bilge well v/v (gate v/v)  greased
Today glued the rubber of workshop side door plate
Transfer the FO and Scav. To Waste oil tank

Today myself couple the generator jacket with the Main Engine jacket wtr.  SW strainer of AE jacket wtr cleaned
Noted out the relief valve of drain cooler it is operating, Pressure in the drain cooler reached above 4.5 to 6 bars then reseat at 4.5 bars. All the drain comes to lower platform

Today couple the jacket water of main engine with jacket water of generator (Aux. Engine) for cleaning the strainer of SW side of Plate type heat exchanger of gen.

Take the ullage of fuel oil tanks
Sewage treatment plant cleaned
Scupper of M/E steam HTR descaling liquid throw but no good result, drain blocked

Clean the SW side of power pack hydraulic oil cooler
Cleaned the SW side of COP’S turbine LO cooler (No. 1,2 and 3)
Transfer the bilge tank water to O/B via OWS
Take various pressure, temperature and levels
Cleaned the SW filter of Scrubbing tower
Cleaned and fabricated new mesh for bilge pump suction strainer

canned the cooler of Power Pack
Overhauled the two cylinder of Generator
Overhauled the intercooler of Main Air Compressor
Overhauled the Fuel injector of Main Engine

Overhauled the Intercooler of Main Air compressor
Overhauled the motor of Aux Boiler feed pump change the ZZ bearings
Overhauled the fuel injector of Main Engine
Cleaned the filter of M/E Jacket Water Heat Exchanger
Cleaned the filter of M/E LO Heat Exchanger
Lapped the Head of Aux Engine
Took various soundings, temperature and pressure
Clean the Bilge pump suction filter
Clean the MGPS Filter
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
 Clean the LO filter of Aux Engine No. 3
Clean the Pilot burner pump suction valve and pump suction valve
Trace out BLR Circulating PP line
Transfer the ME LO to ME Sump ( Checked the Gauge glass and Sump Sounding at various interval)
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
Trace out FWG line
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
Trace out bilge and SW Cooling line
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
Take various soundings, temperature and pressure
Join the Ship AlhumdulilAllah and go to ECR as directed by Chief Engineer

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