Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trainee Engineer/Fifth Engineer

Being as a Trainee Engineer/Fifth Engineer onboard you have to do the following work
1.       Transfer the Bilge well to Bilge Tank
2.       Drain the Air Bottle
3.       Dry Washing of Turbocharger
4.       Soot Blow of Economizer, Will remind physically today inshaAllah(4june12)
5.       Soot Blow of Boilers
6.       Take on load /off load generator
7.       Transfer the FO drain Tank to FO settling Tank
8.       Coupling arrangement for Cargo Operation, will remind it physically today inshaAllah(4june12)
9.       Startup of incinerator
10.   Startup of boiler
11.   Startup of Main Engine
12.   Startup of Pumps